Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems use smart monitoring systems to adapt rules, signs and road features to current conditions, for example by slowing traffic due to congestion or bad weather. Use this page to read about intelligent transport systems introduced around the world.

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Japan to Install “Smart” Traffic Lights Throughout Cambodia’s Capital
Japan International Cooperation Agency, 26/08/14

All old traffic lights in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, are to be replaced with a modern, synchronised, CCTV-monitored traffic light system.

New control room ensures road safety
High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh, Saudi Arabia, 08/07/14

A traffic management system, including cameras and sensors to monitor traffic levels and speed, is introduced on the main roads in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Variable traffic signs in Delhi
Delhi Traffic Police, India, 30/06/14

The first variable message signs in India, to warn drivers to reduce speed due to hazards ahead, are introduced in Delhi.

Intelligent speed bumps installed on the Oresund bridge
Oresund, Sweden and Denmark, 22/04/14

Intelligent speed bumps that only activate when a vehicle is speeding are installed on a bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

Florida tests high-tech devices to prevent wrong-way crashes
Florida Department of Transportation, USA, 10/04/14

Signs that use radar and cameras to detect and warn people driving in the wrong direction on motorways and alert the police will be introduced in Florida.

Newly installed road sign reflectors alert drivers that surface is frozen
Asotin County, Washington, USA, 10/12/13

Reflectors which turn blue when the temperature drops below freezing, to warn drivers of ice on the roads, are installed on road signs.

Highway signs to prevent rear-end crashes
Ohio Department of Transportation, USA, 06/06/13

Traffic signs are being trialled in Ohio that use sensors buried in the road to warn drivers when there is stationary traffic ahead, to prevent rear-end shunts.

Sat nav to ease congestion in Newcastle
Newcastle University and City Council, UK, 14/02/13

An intelligent transport system to notify drivers of hazards such as obstacles on the road is trialled in Newcastle.

Smart highways in the Netherlands
Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure, Netherlands, 30/11/12

Roads which generate their own power, detect the weather, and display safety warnings on the road surface will be implemented from 2013 in the Netherlands.

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