Road design

Road design features, such as markings and crash barriers, can have a huge effect on the safety of all road users. Use this page to access recent initiatives in innovative road design.

Use our research library to access research about road design and engineering.

UK government launches £2 million fund to improve roads using new technologies
Department for Transport, UK, 11/08/16

The UK government launches a £2 million fund to allow local authorities to capitalise on emerging technologies and deliver better journeys for road users.

Transport Research Laboratory introduces free road maintence budgeting tool
TRL, UK, 10/05/16

TRL releases free software tool that allows users to compare the lifecycle cost of road maintenance treatments, in response to growing demand for asset management software with enhanced planning and budgeting capabilities.

Data Science Supporting Vision Zero in Three New Cities
Datakind, 11/03/16

DataKind and Microsoft will be expanding their analysis of collision data to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, driver behaviour, and street and infrastructure design in Seattle, New Orleans and San Jose.

Safe System in the Planning Process

A guide on promoting safe systems in the planning process has been launched by Austroads.

Safety campaign launched in Gloucestershire urges drivers and bikers to be careful on rural roads
Gloucestershire, 05/07/15

A road safety campaign using signs to encourage drivers and motorcyclists to look out for each other and hazards on rural roads is launched.

Bristol unveils 10-year ‘safe systems’ plan
Bristol, UK, 23/03/15

A ten-year safe systems approach to reduce road casualties is launched in Bristol.

Road Safety Engineering Manuals for Africa
African Development Bank, 18/03/15

Three road safety engineering manuals for auditing the safety of new and existing roads in Africa using a safe systems approach are launched.

Europe’s Smart Highway Will Shepherd Cars From Rotterdam to Vienna
Europe, 30/12/14

The first cross-border smart road, warning vehicles of upcoming obstacles, will be launched in 2015 across the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Toronto traffic road signs take ‘positive’ spin
Toronto, 29/12/14

Warmer, positive messages promoting road safety are introduced on automatic signs.

MoDOT To Test New Method Of Wrong-Way Accident Prevention
St Louis, USA, 20/10/14

Signs that automatically identify vehicles moving in the wrong direction on an exit ramp are to be piloted, to prevent crashes on the highway.

Slowing Down Streets With Art Under Your Feet
Paint the Pavement, USA, 29/08/14

Several US cities are painting colourful murals on city street surfaces, which have been found to slow down drivers by engaging them with their surroundings.

Highway Safety and Reliability Being Studied on a Virginia "Smart Road."
Virginia Department of Transportation, USA, 15/08/14

A 'smart road', featuring weather simulators and traffic sensors, has been built for research purposes and will eventually form part of the public road system in Virginia, USA.

Innovative road markings to improve motorcycle safety
New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand, 02/05/14

Road markings that make the road look narrower before dangerous bends, encouraging motorcyclists to slow down and take safer road positions, are introduced in the Southern Coromandel area.

Glow in the dark road markings revealed in the Netherlands
Hiejmans, Netherlands, 22/04/14

Glow in the dark road markings designed to be more visible at night are trialled on a 500-metre stretch of motorway in the Netherlands.

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