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Ireland considers higher fines for wealthier speeders
European Transport Safety Council, 10/01/16

Based on research showing that more affluent drivers are more likely to break road safety rules, higher fines for wealthier drivers are being sought by Ireland’s Road Safety Authority.

Ville apaisée : Grenoble à 30 km/h depuis le 1er janvier 2016
Grenoble.fr, France, 15/09/15

Grenoble has introduced a blanket 30km/h zone, the first large city to do so in France.

France to run trial of 80 km/h limits on three roads
France, 13/05/15

A trial reduction of the speed limit from 90 km/h to 80 km/h hopes to save up to 400 lives a year.

Germany unblocks 30km/h zones
Germany, 17/04/15

A change in the law that will make it easier for local authorities to introduce 30km/h zones is announced.

Belfast city centre slowdown: Roads chiefs propose cutting speed limit to 20mph
Northern Ireland Department for Regional Development, 31/07/14

Six pilot 20mph sign only zones, including a part of Belfast city centre, are proposed.

Islington becomes first borough to enforce 20mph limit
Islington Council, 06/10/14

Following the London Borough of Islington's introduction of borough-wide 20mph limits, police have run a series of ‘stop and advise’ sessions, where drivers caught breaking 20mph limits are pulled over and reminded to slow down, before moving to enforcement activity.

Speed limit reduction trial in France
National Council for Road Safety, France, 16/06/14

The speed limit on some single-carriageway roads in France is to reduce from 90km/h (56mph) to 80km/h (50mph), in a trial that could prevent up to 400 deaths every year.

Default urban speed limit reduces in Spain
General Directorate of Traffic, Spain, 08/07/14

Default speed limits on Spanish urban roads are to reduce from 50km/h (30mph) to 30km/h (19mph) or 20km/h (12mph).

20mph speed limits adopted in City of London
City of London Corporation, UK, 12/09/13

A plan to introduce 20mph speed limits on all roads in the City of London is approved.

Edinburgh to be first 20mph city in Scotland
City of Edinburgh Council, UK, 22/08/13

Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland to implement 20mph limits in all residential areas and shopping districts.

Paris introduces pedestrian-priority projects
City of Paris, France, 03/06/13

23 pedestrian priority zones with a 20km/h (12mph) limit, and 30 additional 30km/h (20mph) zones, are introduced in Paris.

Manchester to introduce more 20mph areas
Manchester City Council, UK, 14/05/13

20mph limits are proposed for three areas of Manchester in the first phase of its move to install 20mph on all non-major residential roads across the city.

New York expands 20mph zones
New York Mayor’s Office, USA, 25/07/12

The speed limit in 13 districts of New York is to be reduced to 20mph under legislation from the Bloomberg administration.

Lower speed limits in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Municipality, UAE, 20/06/12

Speed limits around all schools in Abu Dhabi will be reduced from 40km/h (25mph) to 30km/h (19mph).

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