At-work drivers and their management

At-work drivers are known to be at high risk of crashes. Use this page to see work-related road safety initatives focusing on at-work drivers from around the world.

Use our research library to access research relating to the specific risks faced by at-work drivers.

Drive Safely Work Week toolkit 2014
Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, USA, 13/08/14

Free toolkit for companies that employ drivers, including materials to engage drivers and to promote road safety at management level.

Telematics pilot project in Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, 06/08/14

A pilot to install telematics in trucks in Dubai to monitor driver behaviour and vehicle condition, aiming eventually to do so across all trucks in the emirate, is launched.

Organizational work-related road safety situational analysis
Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 22/07/14

Development and evaluation of a work-related road safety analysis tool, including workplace observations and focus groups with drivers and managers.

The unluckiest van
AXA Business Insurance, UK, 30/06/14

A short film using a humorous approach to highlight dangers to van drivers, including tailgating, reversing and tiredness.

The Business Case for Managing Road Risk at Work
European Transport Safety Council, 22/06/14

Guide for employers on the business case for managing work-related road safety, including cost and reputational benefits.

MBTA tightens no-phone policy for drivers
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, USA, 16/06/14

Bus and train drivers in Massachusetts, USA will face a 30-day suspension and possible job loss if found with a mobile phone on them at work.

Do the Right Thing
ASDA Grocery Home Shopping and Interactive Driving Systems, UK, 15/04/14

A video illustrating how seemingly small mistakes in fleet management can lead to a crash is produced for use with fleet managers.

FMCSA proposes national drug and alcohol testing clearinghouse for commercial drivers
Department of Transportation, USA, 12/02/14

A national database to enable employers to check if truck or bus drivers have previously failed to comply with drug and alcohol regulations is proposed in the USA.

Transport and Tourism Committee approves user rules on smart tachographs
European Transport and Tourism Committee, Europe, 18/06/13

Draft proposals to make digital tachographs mandatory for all EU trucks and buses have been agreed.

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