Drink-driving is still one of the biggest killers on roads. Use this page to access international initiatives to combat drink-driving.

Use our research library to access research on the effects of alcohol on driving, and evidence for the effectiveness of anti drink-driving measures.

ETSC develop alcohol-interlock guidelines
European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), 21/12/16

Best-practice guidelines on how to effectively integrate the use of alcohol interlocks and drink-driving rehabilitation into a country’s criminal justice system.

Uber creates a 10% drop in DUIs
ABC Drive Safe, 01/01/16

The introduction of ride service Uber caused drink-driving arrests to decrease by an estimated 10% in Seattle, USA.

DoE drink-drive campaign asks: 'How low can you go?'
Road Safety GB, 11/12/15

A drink drive video for young drivers, emphasising the devastating impact of even one drink, is launched in Northern Ireland.

‘Morning After’ app proves popular
The Morning After project, 01/07/15

A “Morning After Calculator” app, designed to help people understand when they will still be over the limit the next morning after a night’s drinking, has been downloaded over 1,700 times.

New technology could put an end to drunken driving, officials say
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 04/07/15

Alcohol interlock devices based on skin contact, rather than blowing into a tube, could be developed within five years, announces the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

New app can help drivers avoid ‘morning after’ drink driving
UK, 31/03/15

A new morning after calculator app is launched in the UK.

Tow company posts DUI crash pictures
Washington State, USA, 31/12/14

A towing company posts on its website pictures of cars wrecked by drink and drug drivers, highlighting the devastation of these crashes.

Foss welcomes lower alcohol limit
New Zealand Government, 01/12/14

Lower blood alcohol limits, reduced from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of blood, are introduced in New Zealand.

New legislation introduced to cut Scotland’s drink drive alcohol limit
The Scottish Government, 24/10/14

The drink drive limit is to be reduced from 80mg per 100ml of blood to 50mg, bringing it in line with most European countries, from 5 December 2014.

Snapchat drug-driving campaign a world-first for New Zealand
NZ Transport Agency, 09/10/14

An anti-drug driving campaign reaches young drivers through Snapchat with a series of videos to highlight the danger of driving under the influence of cannabis.

Fake brewing company part of Michigan's crackdown on drink driving
Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, USA, 14/08/14

Leaflets advertising a fake “Traffic Safety Brewing Company” beer list, with drink names that promote road safety messages, are distributed as part of a drink-driving awareness campaign.

Four US states introduce alcolock legislation in 2014
MADD, 05/08/14

Four US states have passed laws in 2014 requiring drink drivers to have alcohol interlocks fitted: Alabama, Mississippi, New Hampshire and Delaware.

New Zealand lowers blood alcohol limit
New Zealand Parliament, 31/07/14

New Zealand's drink drive limit is being lowered from 80mg alcohol/100ml blood to 50mg/100ml from 1 December 2014.

Drink driving offender licence plates introduced in Prince Edward Island
Transportation Minister, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 12/05/14

Repeat drink drivers in Prince Edward Island will have to have coded licence plates fitted to their vehicles.

Hefty fines introduced for drink and drug drivers in Victoria
State Government of Victoria, Australia, 01/05/14

Drivers in Victoria, Australia, with both alcohol and illegal drugs in their system will face a minimum 12 month driving ban and AUS$4,330 fine.

Highway safety officials distribute anti-drink drive posters
Governor's Office of Highway Safety, USA, 13/03/14

Beer mats promoting a free app that lists services to get you home without drink-driving are distributed to bars in Georgia, USA.

Legal blood alcohol limit lowered in New Zealand
Ministry of Transport, New Zealand, 04/11/13

The legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in New Zealand is lowered from 80mg/100ml to 50mg/100ml.

Austrian city trails alcohol interlocks
Road Safety Board, Austria, 04/07/13

Alcohol interlocks are trialled in taxis and school buses in Salzburg, Austria.

Alcohol interlocks mandatory for Tennessee drink-drivers
Tennessee state legislature, USA, 21/05/13

Convicted drink-drivers in Tennessee will be required to have an alcohol interlock fitted to their vehicle before being allowed to drive again.

Drink and drug driving awareness guidance published
National Highway Traffic Safety Association, USA, 20/09/12

Guidance for local authorities on raising awareness about drink and drug driving is published by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

Scottish government to lower drink-drive limit
Scottish Justice Secretary, Scotland, 20/06/12

The drink drive limit in Scotland will reduce from 80mg alcohol per 100ml blood to 50mg.

New York closes alcohol interlock loophole
New York State Senate, USA, 23/05/12

Convicted drink drivers who do not have an alcohol interlock device will be required to wear an alcohol-detection bracelet.

Drivers in France to carry breathalysers
Ministry of Transport, France, 09/03/12

From 1 July 2012 all drivers and motorcyclists in France will have to carry an alcohol breathalyser.

Belgian traffic institute unveils driving warning via Facebook
Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety, Belgium, 24/11/11

A social media campaign warns of the risks of drink and drug driving by confronting young people with news of their own death.

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