Distractions including phones

Driving is a complex task and requires full concentration at all times. Drivers who divide their attention are significantly increasing their risk of causing a devastating crash. Use this page to access anti-distraction initiatives from around the world.

Use our research library to access research on how and why distraction increases crash risk.

New Indiana license plate first to combat distracted driving
Indiana Motor Truck Association, USA, 14/01/16

A specialty licence plate to increase awareness of distracted driving has been issued in Indiana, USA.

New app will discourage drivers from using smartphones at the wheel
Road Safety GB, 5/11/15

An app that prevents calls and social media behind the wheel, although unfortunately not hands-free calls, is launched by Ubitrac.

Ogilvy Paris unveils GPS safety campaign for Allianz
Paris, France, Oct 15

A GPS is launched that uses a voice similar to that of a driver's family member to remind them to stay safe on the road.

For some visually impaired pedestrians, distracted drivers remain a worry
Milwaukee, USA, 15/10/15

A White Cane Day event in Wisconsin highlights the dangers that distracted drivers pose for partially-sighted pedestrians.

Educating teen drivers on dangers of distracted driving
McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agency, USA, 21/09/15

A programme aimed at highlighting the risks of distracted driving for teenagers, featuring a mobile classroom with driving simulators, has reached more than 10,000 teenagers.

Texas teens who want drivers licenses have an extra course to take
Houston Chronicle, 31/08/15

Learner drivers in Texas, aged between 16 and 24, will have to watch a two-hour video on distracted driving before being able to get a licence.

Latest weapon to fight distracted driving: virtual reality
AT&T, 17/07/15

A hard-hitting advert, and a virtual reality demonstration, highlighting the dangers of texting and using social media at the wheel.

Distracted Driving Crashes Up Six Percent in Texas
Texas, 15/06/15

With more than 400 deaths in 2014 due to distracted driving, a new campaign emphasises that drivers have to give driving their full attention, in Texas.

Oi! Mind on the road not on the phone
New Zealand, 2015

A distracted driving campaign, urging drivers to keep their mind on the road rather than their phone, is launched in New Zealand.

Governors Highway Safety Association, USA, 2/4/15

Safe stopping areas for drivers to use their mobile phones, aiming to prevent phone use behind the wheel, are introduced in Illinois.

Mock trial highlights employer responsibilities
Wirral Council, 25/03/15

A mock trial, highlighting the dangers of phone use for at-work drivers, is held by Wirral Council.

Mock trial highlights employer responsibilities
Wirral Council, 25/03/15

A mock trial, highlighting the dangers of phone use for at-work drivers, is held by Wirral Council.

New System Detects Drivers' Mobile Phone Use in Norfolk
Norfolk, UK, 24/02/15

A portable system that can detect mobile phone use in a vehicle and activate a sign further down the road is deployed.

THINK! unveils new mobile phone resources
UK, 23/02/15

New posters targeting distracted driving are launched by THINK!

Shifting eyes back to the road ahead
USA, 29/12/14

Heads-up displays on windscreens, displaying information such as speed and incoming phonecalls, are increasingly popular, say technology companies.

Contest Rewards Developers Who Use Smartphones to Prevent Smartphone Distractions
AT&T, 10/12/14

The winners of a competition for designing apps to help prevent or highlight distractions at the wheel are announced.

New Zealand Transport Agency, 26/09/14

An interactive game that sends messages to your mobile phone while you are trying to control moving objects on your computer screen, to demonstrate the danger of texting while driving, is launched.

Local firm using device that block texts, calls while trucks in motion
DeCrescente Distributing Co, USA, 31/08/14

Technology that blocks all mobile phone calls and texts while the vehicle is moving is installed in all trucks run by US company DeCrescente Distributing Co.

Pattern Recognition Algorithm Recognizes When Drivers Are on the Phone
Santa Catarina State University, Brazil, 15/08/14

A dashboard camera that can recognise when a driver is using a mobile phone and sound an alarm warning them of the risks is developed.

Maine launches effort to curb distracted driving
Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, 05/08/14

US truck drivers are supporting a distracted driving campaign by taking police in their cabs to help spot distracted drivers.

New Zealand launches anti-distraction campaign focusing on passengers
Transport Agency, New Zealand, 16/06/14

A series of billboards, online and cinema adverts calling on teenage passengers to avoid distracting their friends from driving is launched in New Zealand.

Victoria Police get long-range traffic safety cameras
Victoria Police, Australia, 14/04/14

Long-range safety cameras that can detect a driver using a mobile phone from 700 metres away are rolled out across Victoria, Australia.

App allows parents and employers to prohibit calls and texting while driving
Mobile Life Solutions and Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, USA, 01/04/14

An app that allows parents or employers to block children’s or employees’ phones when driving is launched.

Attention-powered car launched
Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, 25/09/13

A car that uses a headset to measure the driver’s concentration and slow the car if they are distracted is launched.

New York State introduces designated texting zones
State of New York, USA, 23/09/13

91 designated “texting zones”, where drivers can pull off the road to use their phones safely, are introduced in New York State.

Sending a text could make you liable for a crash
New Jersey State Appeals Court, USA, 06/09/13

Knowingly sending a text message to someone who is driving can make the sender liable if the driver causes a crash, rules a New Jersey State appeals court.

40th US state bans texting while driving
Hawaii State Legislature, USA, 24/05/13

Hawaii has become the 40th US state to ban texting while driving.

Rival phone companies launch anti-distraction campaign
AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, USA, 14/05/13

A joint TV, radio and social media advertising campaign against texting while driving is launched in the USA by four rival mobile phone companies.

Anti-distraction guidelines published for vehicle manufacturers
Department of Transportation, USA, 23/04/13

Voluntary guidelines published for vehicle manufacturers to limit distraction from in-built entertainment and communications technology.

Cape Town police to confiscate phones from drivers
Cape Town State Police, South Africa, 19/07/12

Drivers caught phoning or texting will have their phones confiscated for 24 hours under legislation in Cape Town, South Africa.

United Nations drivers banned from texting while driving
United Nations, 19/05/10

United Nations issues a global administrative instruction preventing UN drivers from texting while driving, announces Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

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