Eyesight and physical health

Drivers must be well and fit enough to drive, and have good eyesight. Use this page to access initiatives on driver health and eyesight.

Use our research library to access research on health conditions that can affect driving, and on the risks associated with poor eyesight.

High Level Political Forum for the Sustainable Development Goals in New York
FIA Foundation, UK, 20/07/16

The Child Health Initiative, a scheme aimed at bringing together key stakeholders and urban planning experts to develop practical global interventions to reduce child deaths on the road, is launched by the Sustainable Development Goals Forum.

Reaction test highlights impact of alcohol, fatigue and experience
JustPark, UK, 17/11/15

An emergency stop reaction time test, used to illustrate the impact of alcohol and lack of sleep, is launched by JustPark.

Drivers who have epilepsy
DVLA, UK, 07/07/14

Guidance for UK drivers with epilepsy on when they can safely return to driving is published.

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