Licensing and training

New drivers, particularly young drivers, can learn the technical skills of driving quickly but take much longer to develop the experience needed to drive safely. Systems such as Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) allow new drivers to build up their skills and experience gradually and safely. Use this page to access initiatives to introduce GDL, or other driver licensing initiatives, in various regions.

Visit the research library to access research on how new drivers learn, and evidence for the benefits of GDL.

Time limits for holding learner and restricted licences
Ministry of Transport, New Zealand, 07/08/14

New Zealand drivers with learner or restricted licences will have to re-sit their theory test if they do not progress to the next stage within five years.

Mentor programme removes barriers for young drivers
Community Driver Mentor Programme, New Zealand, 22/07/14

A programme that provides learner drivers with trained volunteer mentors to supervise their driving outside of driving lessons is launched in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Safer start for motorcyclists
VicRoads, Australia, 01/05/14

The restricted licence period for motorcyclists in Victoria, Australia, will be raised from one to three years, in line with graduated licences for car drivers.

Zero blood alcohol, zero problems
Council for Accident Prevention, Switzerland, 01/01/14

Novice drivers in Switzerland will be subject to a zero alcohol limit for their first three years behind the wheel.

Novice drivers in New York face mobile phone ban
New York State Governor, USA, 31/05/13

New York State plans to introduce suspension of junior and probationary licenses for 60 days for using a hand-held phone when driving.

Probationary period introduced for new South African drivers
South Africa Transport Department, South Africa, 05/07/12

Novice drivers will need to complete a 12 month probationary period, during which they cannot drive between midnight and 4am, after passing their test.

Pennsylvania young drivers face passenger restriction
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, USA, 20/06/12

Drivers under the age of 18 may not carry more than one young passenger other than a sibling as part of Pennsylvania's new Teen Driver Law.

Tougher rules for teen drivers in Augusta
Augusta Legislature Transportation Committee, USA, 24/04/12

Intermediate drivers in Augusta, Maine must conform to restrictions for 270 days or face fines of up to $500 and licence suspension.

Minimum learning period introduced for New Zealand drivers
New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand, 24/02/12

Learner drivers should complete a minimum 120 hours supervised practice before taking the practical driving test.

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