Use this page to read about measures to tackle the deadly risk of sleepiness at the wheel.

Visit the research library to access research on the effects of driver tiredness.

Trucking Tries on Wearable Technology
American Trucking Association, 11/01/16

Smartwatch software that relies on haptic, rather than visual, feedback to send messages to a driver is being developed by PeopleNet, USA.

BUSK campaigns on behalf of coach drivers
UK, 16/04/15

A campaign highlighting the risk of fatigue among coach drivers on school trips abroad is launched by BUSK.

Bring back ‘free coffee’ signs for rest areas, lawmaker says
Washington, USA, 14/01/15

Volunteers offer free coffee at rest stops to encourage drivers to take breaks during long journey.

Car seats to detect when drivers are falling asleep
Nottingham Trent University, 14/07/14

Car seats that detect changes in heart rate to indicate the driver is in danger of falling asleep are under development.

Transport and Tourism Committee approves user rules on smart tachographs
European Transport and Tourism Committee, Europe, 18/06/13

Draft proposals to make digital tachographs mandatory for all EU trucks and buses have been agreed.

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