Drug driving

Illegal drugs, as well as some over-the-counter and prescribed medications, have a variety of very serious, negative effects on driving. Use this page to access global initiatives to tackle drug driving.

Visit the research library to access research on the impact of drugs on driving, the extent of the problem, and recommendations to tackle the issue.

Drugs, driving and the law
GEM Motoring Assist, Date

Videos advising drivers on the risks of prescription and illegal drugs launched.

NPCC launches national summer drink and drug driving campaign
National Police Chiefs’ Council, 02/06/15

Summer drink and drug drive campaigns are launched by the UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council.

Drug drivers beware: zero-tolerance law in force today welcomed by campaigners
England and Wales, 02/03/15

A new law making it an offence to drive with certain drugs in the body, removing the need to prove impairment, comes into force in England and Wales.

Drug driving guidance issued to healthcare professionals
Department for Transport, UK, 03/07/14

Guidance is published for healthcare professionals on medicines that can impair driving, in preparation for legal drug driving limits to be introduced in the UK in March 2015.

Ad campaign targets marijuana DUIs
Washington Traffic Safety Commission, USA, 21/06/14

A campaign warns drivers that drug driving is still illegal, as it becomes legal to buy recreational cannabis in Washington State from July 2014.

Hefty fines introduced for drink and drug drivers in Victoria
State Government of Victoria, Australia, 01/05/14

Drivers in Victoria, Australia, with both alcohol and illegal drugs in their system will face a minimum 12 month driving ban and AUS$4,330 fine.

Drug-driving adverts target older cannabis users
Transport Agency, New Zealand, 18/08/13

The first road safety adverts in New Zealand to directly target 30-40 year old cannabis users who drive under the influence are launched.

Online guide to medications and driving
AAA Foundation, USA, 02/10/12

A free online tool to help drivers understand how medications affect driving has been launched.

Washington introduces legal driving limit for cannabis
New Approach Washington, USA, 26/07/12

New legal limits for cannabis levels in driver blood have been introduced in light of the recreational use of cannabis being made legal in Washington, USA.

Norway introduces drug driving limits
Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway, 24/02/12

Norway becomes the first country to introduce legal driving limits for illegal drugs and medicines.

Belgian traffic institute unveils driving warning via Facebook
Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety, Belgium, 24/11/11

A social media campaign warns of the risks of drink and drug driving by confronting young people with news of their own death.

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