Older drivers

It is common for older people to suffer from medical conditions that impair their ability to use roads safely. In addition, elderly drivers are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in crashes as their bodies are more fragile. However, there is evidence to suggest that elderly drivers take fewer risks and have a lower crash rate than younger drivers. Use this page to access road safety initiatives targeting elderly drivers.

Visit the research library for research on the crash risks associated with elderly drivers.

Initial development of a curriculum and roadside screening tool for law enforcement identification of medical impairment in aging drivers
California, USA, 20.04.16

Training courses and roadside screening tools to help police officers identify medical impairment in aging drivers and react accordingly have been trialled in California.

Older Drivers
RoSPA, UK, February 2016

A new website to help older people adapt to changes in their driving has been launched by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Evaluation of the Dorset Driver Gold Initiative
Dorset County Council, 19/01/15

An older driver education programme is evaluated as being effective.

Alzheimer’s and Road Safety
Arrive Alive, South Africa, 08/10/14

Guidance on supporting people with Alzheimer's disease to stop driving.

Still Safe To Drive?
GEM Motoring Assist, UK, 27/09/13

A series of videos providing advice to elderly drivers and their families on how to stay safe and when to give up driving is launched.

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