Speed is one of the biggest killers on all roads worldwide. Use this page to access international measures to tackle this deadly risk.

Use our research library to access the latest research on the deadly risks of speeding, and evidence for speed enforcement measures.

Upgraded A77 cameras go live
Transport Scotland, 21/06/16

Road safety performance on the A77 is being safeguarded through investment in the latest digital camera technology for the average speed system by the Scottish Government.

Police Scotland targets speeding motorists
Road Safety GB, 04/05/16

A week in May saw increased police presence on Scottish roads, in a bid to target and educate speeding drivers.

Speed limit to be permanently reduced to 30kmh in central Christchurch
stuff.co.nz, 02/03/16

The speed limit has been permanently reduced to 30 km/h in central Christchurch, New Zealand.

Lorry speed limit change will cause more deaths but benefit industry, Government assessment shows
UK Government, 19/11/14

A planned increase of the speed limit for HGVs on single-carriageway roads will result in an increase of deaths and serious injuries on UK roads.

'Selfie traffic signs' slow speeding drivers
Belgian Institute for Road Safety, 01/09/14

Speed-activated road signs using photos of local residents, smiling for drivers who obey the speed limit and frowning for speeding drivers, are launched in Antwerp, Belgium.

ASA Adjudication on Jaguar Land Rover Ltd
Advertising Standards Authority, UK, 16/07/14

A car advert that showed actors driving fast with the slogan “it’s good to be bad” has been banned in the UK for promoting unsafe driving.

Belgium crowd-sources speed hotspots
Belgian Road Safety Institute, 17/04/14

Belgian police delivered targeted enforcement at speeding hotspots identified through a public crowdsourcing initiative.

Car advert leads to chilling road safety warning
Mayo County Council, Ireland, 30/05/14

A false advert for a “boy racer” car for sale led callers to a voice message from a speeding driver who had hit and killed a six year-old.

Campaign warns young male drivers on risks of speeding
Transport for London, UK, 23/05/14

An advertising campaign calling on young male drivers to “Kill your speed, not your mates”, is launched.

Slow drivers win fuel vouchers
National Road Safety Council, Namibia, 09/04/14

Drivers in Namibia are to be rewarded with fuel vouchers for staying within the speed limit on one of the country’s main roads.

Speed awareness courses for breaking 20mph limits introduced
Association of Chief Police Officers, England and Wales, 14/10/13

Tailored speed awareness courses will be provided for drivers who speed at 24-31mph in 20mph (30km/h) limits in England and Wales.

Road safety gets the ‘Green Wave’
City of Kelowna council, Canada, 03/12/12

Drivers who stay within speed limits will be rewarded with green traffic lights and speeding drivers punished with red lights at junctions at peak travelling times in Kelowna, Canada.

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