Young drivers

Young drivers - particularly young male drivers - are at much higher risk of crashing than older drivers. Use this page to access road safety initiatives specifically targeting young drivers.

Use our research library to read about why young drivers are at such high risk, and how young driver risk can be reduced.

Bill calls for tougher penalties for criminal driving offences and better treatment for victims
Road Safety GB, 13/01/16

A bill outlining improvements to the criminal justice system with regard to driving offences is read by Greg Mulholland MP in the UK Parliament.

New road safety laws a big step in the right direction for Northern Ireland
Brake, the road safety charity, 13/01/16

A law on younger drivers, including a minimum learning period, and restrictions on night driving and the carrying of passengers, is due to be passed in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Brake disappointed with government's Road Safety Statement as a missed opportunity to save lives
Brake, the road safety charity, 22/12/15

The failure of the UK’s new road safety plan to include casualty targets, a reduction of the alcohol limit and graduated driver licensing lead to it being described as a “missed opportunity” by GEM and Brake.

Using the un-dead to save the living: driving dead series hits its target
Illinois Department of Transportation, USA, 21/10/15

The Driving Dead series of campaign videos for young people, based on the TV series The Walking Dead, has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube.

New films use humour to engage with ‘careless road users’
West Midlands, UK, 24/06/15

Three new videos targeting the behaviour of young people, and emphasising how their behaviour looks to other road users and their peers.

Good Egg unveils new-look online resources
Good Egg, 05/06/15

Resources for learner drivers and their parents in the UK are launched by Good Egg.

Managing Young Drivers at Work
ETSC, 28/05/15

A report on managing young drivers at work, and how to assess and mitigate the risks.

Mackay: I will press UK Government on Scottish driver pilot
Scotland, 19/05/15

The Scottish transport minister is to call for a pilot of graduated driver licencing to be run in Scotland.

New campaign extols the virtues of ‘The Nan Effect’
Birmingham Road Safety Partnership, 21/04/15

A campaign urges young drivers to “drive like your nan is in the car”, in Birmingham.

New ‘Road Safety Experience’ will open next year
Kent Fire and Rescue, 01/04/15

 A purpose-built young driver education centre, the first in the UK, is to be opened.

What kind of driver are you raising?
Victoria, Australiam 2015

A video illustrating how parents’ driving influences their young children’s future behaviour is launched.

Licence changes take effect today
New Zealand Government, 01/12/14

Learner drivers in New Zealand will have to move to the next stage of the graduated licence within five years, to prevent drivers staying at the learner stage indefinitely.

Netherlands cracks down on young speeders
the Netherlands, 10/10/14

Novice drivers in the first five years after attaining their licence will face a ban or be required to take a new test after only two penalty points, down from three.

The Driving Dead
Illinois Department of Transportation, USA, 25/08/14

A series of videos inspired by and featuring actors from TV programme The Walking Dead, aimed at engaging young people with road safety, is launched.

Recommendations on used vehicles for teens
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, USA, 16/07/14

A list of recommended safe and affordable used vehicles for US teenage drivers is published.

Campaign warns young male drivers on risks of speeding
Transport for London, UK, 23/05/14

An advertising campaign calling on young male drivers to “Kill your speed, not your mates”, is launched.

Be Super Safe Cartoon Parodies
Seattle Department of Transportation, 02/01/14

A series of humorous video parodies of cartoon superheroes, highlighting risks such as drink and drug driving, is launched.

Young driver insurance scheme gives parents control over mobile phones
New York Department of Financial Services, USA, 18/12/13

A young driver insurance scheme giving parents the ability to block their son or daughter’s mobile phone signal when they are driving, is commended by the New York Department of Financial Services.

Smartphone app helps parents support learner drivers
University of North Carolina Highway Research Center, USA, 05/04/13

A phone app for parents supervising their learner teenagers, which helps teenagers travel a variety of routes and records harsh braking, has been developed.

App allows parents to monitor risky driving behaviour
52 Apps, International, 11/02/13

An app that allows parents to monitor their teenage children for dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding or using a phone while driving has been launched.

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