Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous, or driverless, vehicles are potentially a great step forward for road safety, by removing driver risk entirely. Use this page to read about the latest developments in implementing driverless technology worldwide.

Visit the research library for evidence on the safety and effectiveness of driverless technology, and other collision avoidance systems.

You can’t have smart cities without smart transportation: Sanjay Puri
The American Bazaar, 19/01/16

A company has been launched to seed-fund start-ups dedicated to creating embedded devices, solutions or apps for autonomous vehicles in Pune, India.

Driverless buses, platoons of trucks to shape Singapore's transport future
Singapore, 12/10/15

Driverless vehicles are being tested in Singapore.

Volvo boss says carmaker will take full liability when in autonomous mode
Volvo, Sweden, 7/10/15

Håkan Samuelsson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars, says Volvo will take full liability for crashes or hacks when the car is in autonomous mode.

Driverless robot taxis to be tested in Japanese town
Fujisawa, Japan, 5/10/15

Driverless taxis are to be tested in Fujisawa, Japan, in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Hackers remotely kill a jeep on the highway—with me in it.
USA, 21/07/15

Hackers demonstrate remotely taking control of a moving Jeep over the internet

Nevada gives Daimler nod for open road tests of self-driving truck
Nevada, USA, 05/05/15

Driverless trucks are to be trialed in ordinary traffic on the open road in Nevada.

Soon American highways could be overrun with self-driving trucks
Changeist, 25/02/15

Self-driving trucks are to become more common on American roads, argues Changeist. 

Trains and self-driving cars, headed for a (political) collision
Fortune, 02/11/14

Opponents to mass-transit in the US are using future self-driving car technology as an argument against investing in new projects.

Ford CEO Fields Predicts Driverless Cars on Roads in 5 Years
USA, 06/01/15

Ford's CEO predicts that driverless vehicles will be on the road within five years, at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Driverless technology is ‘the future’: transport minister
Department for Transport, UK, 23/10/14

A study into the behaviour and attitude of road users is to run alongside trials of driverless cars.

Mercedes-Benz puts the future on display with self-driving truck
Mercedes-Benz, 22/09/14

A prototype self-driving truck has been developed.

UK Government fast tracks driverless cars
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK, 30/07/14

Driverless vehicles will be tested in three UK cities in 2015, and the government is reviewing regulations to ensure safe testing.

Google launches self-driving car
Google, USA, 28/05/14

A prototype self-driving car that has no controls, including steering wheel or pedal, and is limited to 25mph (40km/h), is launched by Google.

Autonomous cars to be tested in Sweden
Volvo, Sweden, 02/12/13

A real-world test of self-driving cars on 50km of commuter routes is to launch in Sweden in 2017.

Driverless vehicles to be tested in pedestrianized areas
Department for Business, Information and Skills, UK, 07/11/13

The first UK project to test driverless vehicles in a pedestrianized area is announced in Milton Keynes.

US government publishes guidance on testing self-driving vehicles
Department of Transportation, USA, 30/05/13

Guidance on the safe testing of self-driving vehicles is published.

Driverless cars to be tested on public roads in California
Governor of California, USA, 25/09/12

California, USA, is to allow driverless cars to be tested on public roads.

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