Collision avoidance technology

From long-established technologies like electronic stability control, to newer developments such as "smart" networked vehicles, there is an increasing variety of technologies aimed at improving vehicle and driver safety. Use this page to read about the latest developments in collision avoidance technology worldwide.

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AEB becoming ‘hugely important active safety technology’
Road Safety GB, 8/09/15

Automatic emergency braking systems are becoming increasingly common in vehicles on UK roads, finds Thatcham Research.

Car Crash Avoidance Systems Lack Industry Software Standards, And This Could Be A Problem
International Business Times, 11/06/15

A lack of industry standards for the software used in crash avoidance systems could lead to flaws and glitches.

New EU rules for safer and more eco-friendly lorries
European Parliament, Strasbourg, 10/03/15

New EU rules for trucks call for better fuel efficiency and a safer design, particularly protecting vulnerable road users, announces the European Parliament.

Toyota to offer low-cost auto-braking and safety features
LA Times, 02/03/15

Safety measures, including automated braking, are to be low-cost options for cars from Toyota.

Groups seek electronic collision alert devices on big trucks
USA, 19/02/15

Highway-safety groups call for collision detection and automated braking to be fitted to trucks, in the USA.

NYC Installing Side Guards On City Trucks To Protect Pedestrians, Cyclists
New York City, 09/02/15

Side guards to protect pedestrians and cyclists are to be fitted on trucks run by New York City. .

Used truck imports a safety risk, says technology body
Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, 05/11/14

The import of used or 'grey market' trucks is a danger, as their communication technologies may not be compatible with other vehicles on Australian roads.

Ford system tracks cops' driving
Los Angeles, USA, 27/10/14

Police cars will be fitted with specialised telematics equipment to enable officers' driving to be monitored in real time.

Smart Headlights Make Driving With High Beams Safer
Carnegie Mellon University, USA, 16/09/14

Smart headlights that automatically dip when they detect other vehicles, heavy rain or fog are developed.

Cambridge startup aims to create better drivers in South Africa through mobile app
Cambridge Mobile Telematics, South Africa, 02/09/14

An app that measures driver speed, braking and cornering, and provides post-journey feedback and safe driving tips, is launched.

Bus sensor technology trial
Transport for London, UK, 01/08/14

Sensors that detect nearby cyclists or pedestrians and alert the driver are to be trialled on four London buses.

New rules for electronic stability control
New Zealand Transport Agency, 10/07/14

Electronic stability control will be mandatory in new and used light vehicles imported to New Zealand from July 2015.

Motorcycle helmet with augmented reality and safety features
Fusar Technologies, USA, 05/06/14

A motorcycle helmet that displays speed and fuel levels inside the visor, plus camera feeds from in front and behind the rider, is being developed.

Wireless sensors in traffic cones to protect workers
Highway Resource Solutions, Europe, 18/06/14

Traffic cones with sensors to detect impacts from passing traffic and warning beacons to alert workers that a vehicle may be about to hit a work zone are trialled in Europe.

Intelligent vehicle can detect pedestrians at night
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, 06/05/14

An in-vehicle system using infra-red cameras to detect pedestrians up to 40 metres away and warn the driver is developed.

Minimum sound levels for electric vehicles approved
European Parliament, 06/02/13

Draft legislation to impose minimum sound levels on electric vehicles to alert pedestrians to their presence has been approved by the European Parliament.

Emergency braking technology to be mandatory in European vehicles
European Commission, 08/08/12

All new vehicles sold in the EU must be fitted with emergency braking technology by 2014.

EU cars and vans to require daytime running lights
European Commission, 11/02/11

A European directive has come into force requiring all new cars and small vans made in the EU to be equipped with daytime running lights to raise their visibility.

Electronic stability control to be mandatory in European vehicles
European Parliament, 13/07/09

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) will be compulsory in all EU vehicles from 1 November 2014.

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