Crash protection systems

Vehicle safety technology features can have a significant impact on safety by helping drivers avoid crashes, and protecting occupants and other road users in crashes. Use this page to read about the latest developments in crash protection systems.

Visit our research library for evidence on the efficacy of various crash protection systems.

'Smart' seat could reduce whiplash injuries
University of British Columbia, Canada, 25/08/14

A smart seat that can detect collision impacts and automatically adjust its position, to absorb the impact and lessen the risk of whiplash and head injury, is developed.

QR codes to help extract crash victims
Mercedes-Benz, 02/05/14

Scannable codes providing the locations of airbags, batteries and fuel tanks, to assist emergency services in crash extrications, are introduced on new vehicles by Mercedes-Benz.

MEPs approve rules for safer lorry designs in EU
European Parliament, 15/04/14

Lorries manufactured in the EU will need to have rounder fronts and bigger windows to reduce blind spots and protect pedestrians and cyclists.

Lorries without cycle safety equipment to be banned from London
Mayor of London and London boroughs, UK, 30/01/14

Lorries without under-run guards and blind-spot mirrors will be banned from London to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

Automated emergency call mandatory in cars from 2015
European Commission, 13/06/13

A system that automatically dials the emergency services in the event of a serious crash will be mandatory in all new European cars by 2015.

U.S. Department of Transportation issues new ejection mitigation rule
Department of Transportation, USA, 14/01/11

By 2018, it will be mandatory for US vehicle manufacturers to incorporate passenger safety features that prevent ejections in rollover crashes.

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