Seat belts and head restraints

Basic vehicle crash protection features including seat belts, airbags and head restraints can mean the difference between life and death in a crash. Use this page to read about measures to increase their use worldwide.

For research on the life-saving benefits of these features, visit the research library.

CDOT reveals they’rebehind cryptic billboards In Denver, Colorado Springs
Colorado, 19/05/15

Cryptic billboards were revealed to be part of a campaign to encourage drivers to wear seatbelts in Colorado.

India's transgender community turns seat belt safety into video hit
Mumbai, India, 17/06/14

Members of India’s transgender community have formed a “Seatbelt Crew” performing entertaining seat belt demonstrations to drivers.

Seat belt campaign launches in Northern Ireland
Department of Environment, Northern Ireland, 25/09/13

A TV and online advertising campaign highlighting the lethal consequences of passengers briefly removing their seat belts is launched.

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