Cycling is one of the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly forms of travel, but sadly many do not feel safe to cycle on roads. Use this page to read about measures to make roads safer for cyclists and encourage more people to get on their bikes.

Visit the research library for research on the risks and benefits of cycling, and evidence for the efficacy of pro-cycling measures.

London Mayor secures record investment in cycling
Greater London Authority, UK, 05/12/16

£154 million per year will be aimed at providing Londoners with more incentives and opportunities to get around the centre on their bikes safely and quickly, without resorting to motorised vehicles. .

British Cycling welcomes £50m Bikeability investment
Road Safety GB, 22/12/15

A £50 million investment over the next four years in Bikeability cycling training for children is announced by the UK’s Department for Transport.

Transport Minister has designs on continental cycling projects
Transport Scotland, 12/11/15

A competition for Scottish local authorities to help them design cycle lanes is launched by the Scottish transport minister.

How Seattle is using a "Frankenbike" to improve its bike trails
Seattle, USA, Oct 15

A data-recording bike is used to measure the quality and maintenance of cycle paths in Seattle.

Rise in bicycle-related fatalities prompts public awareness campaign
Vermont Highway Safety Alliance, USA, 10/09/15

A public information campaign, aimed at stemming the rise of cyclist fatalities, urges all road users to understand each other better and “share the road”.

Police Scotland launches vulnerable road users campaign
Road Safety GB, UK, 3/09/15

A campaign focusing on protecting child pedestrians and cyclists at the start of the school year is launched by Police Scotland.

Westminster Council publishes cycling videos
Westminster Council, 14/08/15

Videos featuring real cyclists giving practical safety tips launched.

Thermal cameras at cycle lights
Liverpool, 26/06/15

Systems at junctions that automatically detect cyclists and give them more time at green lights are trialled in Liverpool.

Step forward for walking and cycling as Government strategy gets the go ahead
UK, 25/06/15

The government is now obliged to set out a long-term cycling and walking investment strategy in the UK.

Denver cyclists can now trigger traffic signals without getting off their bike
Denver, 8/06/15

Cyclists can trigger traffic signals without having to dismount at seven trial junctions in Denver.

Smartphone Connectivity for 1 million Public Bikes
Cologne, 09/04/15

Smartphone-based technology is starting to bring more flexibility to bike share schemes in Cologne.

Study highlights Bikeability benefits
UK, 25/03/15

The Bikeability cycling proficiency programme helps UK children perceive and respond to hazards on the roads.

Bristol secures world first thanks to bus technology
Bristol, UK, 22/03/15

A cyclist sensor system is to be fitted to buses in Bristol.

5 Ways Our Transportation Vocabulary Makes Absolutely No Sense
Mobility Lab, 20/02/15

The language we use about transport privileges motor transport over active travel.

Don't Say 'Cyclists,' Say 'People on Bikes'
Seattle, 11/02/15

A change in language use, for example saying “people on bikes” rather than “cyclists”, has resulted in a more constructive debate.

Cyclist commuters never hit red lights in Copenhagen
Copenhagen, 08/01/15

A system that detects groups of cyclists approaching an intersection and keeps the lights green is launched.

This Brilliant Cycling App Is Helping A City Plan New Bike Paths
Wiesbaden, Germany, 11/08/14

An app that uses GPS to record popular cycling routes, to show where new cycle paths and facilities should be built, is launched in Germany.

Safer journeys for people who cycle
New Zealand Transport Agency, 25/09/14

Segregated cycle lanes and mandatory truck side-under-run protection are recommended to protect cyclists in a report published for consultation.

Bespoke Study
Barts Health NHS Trust, 20/09/14

An app to crowdsource information on cyclist collisions and near-misses in London, to identify cycling blackspots and improve emergency service responses, is launched.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces New Initiative to Enhance Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Department of Transportation, USA, 10/09/14

A large-scale, 18-month campaign to conduct road safety assessments in every US state, to identify improvements for cyclists and pedestrians, is announced.

Cincinnati installs new thermal traffic sensor to be more bike-friendly
Ohio, USA, 08/09/14

Thermal sensors that detect cyclists waiting at traffic lights, and allow extra time for cyclists to cross intersections, are introduced in Cincinnati.

ife-Saving App Will Let Drivers Know When Bikes Are Near Their Cars
BikeShield, USA, 03/09/14

An app that uses smartphone GPS technology to sound a warning when a cyclist or motorbike is in a vehicle’s blind spot is launched.

Plans unveiled for 18 mile cycling super highway across London
Transport for London, UK, 03/09/14

Plans for two cycling superhighways in London, covering more than 21 miles and almost completely segregated from traffic, are unveiled for public consultation.

How to encourage cycling at schools with anti-cycling policies
CTC, UK, 01/09/14

A guide for parents on working with their children’s schools to support and encourage safe cycling to school is launched.

TfL and British Cycling team up to boost bike use
Transport for London and British Cycling, 29/08/14

Scheme launches to encourage more cycling in London, including professionally-guided bike rides for beginner cyclists.

Protected bike lanes introduced in downtown Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, USA, 26/08/14

A segregated cycle lane is to be built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, one of the first of its kind in an American city business district.

Bus sensor technology trial
Transport for London, UK, 01/08/14

Sensors that detect nearby cyclists or pedestrians and alert the driver are to be trialled on four London buses.

Vibrating handlebars to navigate bike lanes
Industry, USA, 28/07/14

A bicycle that connects with GPS maps and vibrates the left or right handlebar to direct the rider to turn, to avoid the need to check a map while cycling, is in development.

Jersey introduces cycle helmet law
States Assembly of Jersey, 17/07/14

Cycle helmets are to be made compulsory for children under 14 in Jersey, the first cycle helmet law to be passed in the British Isles.

Local authorities to receive £64m funding boost for sustainable transport projects
Department for Transport, UK, 17/07/14

£64 million funding is to be shared between 44 sustainable transport schemes across the UK, including cycling infrastructure and bus safety projects.

Cycling safety recommendations
House of Commons Transport Committee, UK, 14/07/14

A report recommends 20mph limits, safe cycling education for cyclists and drivers, and increased funding for cycling infrastructure, to reduce cyclist casualties.

How To Share The Road
CustomMade, USA, 08/07/14

An infographic on cycling safety on US roads.

Scheme seeks to instill life-long cycling habit
CTC, Cycling Scotland, Play Scotland and Glasgow Bike Station, Scotland, UK, 09/07/14

Every four year-old in Glasgow is being taught to cycle, to instil life-long cycling habits.

New bike lanes in southern Utah able to trigger traffic lights
Utah Department of Transportation, USA, 14/05/14

Traffic lights that use radar to detect when cyclists are waiting to cross busy intersections are launched.

Cyclist GPS data could help cities plan safer routes
Strava Metro, USA, 12/05/14

GPS data from a fitness app used by cyclists and runners is to be made available to town planners in several cities including London, UK, and Alpine Shire, Australia, to help plan safe walking and cycling routes.

Bike warning beacons installed in Oregon
Oregon Department of Transportation, USA, 13/03/14

Road signs that use sensors to detect when a cyclist is on the road ahead and flash a warning to approaching drivers are installed on two bridges in Oregon, USA.

UK government approves low-level lights to boost cyclists’ safety
Department for Transport, UK, 13/12/13

Low-level traffic lights which repeat the signal displayed on main traffic lights at the eye level of cyclists will be trialled at 12 sites in London.

'Crossrail for the bike' in Mayor's £913m cycling plan
Greater London Authority, UK, 07/03/13

Plans to create a 15-mile, substantially segregated cycle route across London and a network of ‘quietways’ and segregated lanes have been announced.

Bill would require drivers give bicyclists 3-foot buffer
California State Senate, USA, 20/06/12

A bill requiring drivers to give cyclists at least a three-foot (0.91m) safety zone has been approved by the California State Senate.

Cycling Action Plan for Scotland
Scottish Government, 16/07/10

£3.9m will be spent on cycling infrastructure, storage and cycle training to increase cycling in Scotland.

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