Walking is the most environmentally friendly way to get around, but sadly pedestrians are frequently put at risk by vehicle drivers. Use this page to access initiatives to make roads safer for pedestrians and encourage more people to get about on foot.

Visit the research library for research on the risks posed to pedestrians, and the benefits to communities of encouraging walking.

Could smart headphones improve pedestrian safety?
Road Safety GB, 8/01/16

Smart headphones, which protect pedestrians by cutting the volume when specific noises, such as car brakes or horns, are heard, are unveiled by Harman International Industries, USA.

New app Freewheeler to reward Perth cyclists, public transport users
Perth, Australia, Nov 15

Reward points for walking, cycling and taking public transport are being awarded through a new app launched in Perth.

Walc is a walking app that gives pedestrian-oriented directions in NYC
New York, Oct 15

An app giving directions specifically designed for pedestrians, encouraging walking, is launched in New York.

Film highlights dangers faced by school children across the globe
FIA Foundation, 08/10/15

A film directed by Luc Besson highlights the dangers children all over the world face on their daily walk to school.

Philadelphia wants pedestrians to stop texting, watch where they’re going, and stay safe
Philadelphia, USA, 09/04/15

A campaign to discourage distractions of pedestrians by smartphones is launched.

Crosswalks are getting safer for pedestrians and drivers in N.J.
New Jersey, USA, 31/03/15

The Street Smart safety programme, combining driver and pedestrian education and enforcement, was successful in changing behaviour and raising awareness.

Expanding Walkability in Two African Cities: What's at Stake?
Kinshasa and Dar es Salaam, 26/01/15

While African cities have a high proportion of trips made on foot, they have an underdeveloped infrastructure for pedestrians, argues The Atlantic.

Traffic safety concept replaces 'Don't Walk' sign with dancing stick figure
Lisbon, Portugal, 17/09/14

Replacing the static ‘red man’ pedestrian signal with an animated, dancing version, aimed at entertaining pedestrians and encouraging them to wait for green, decreased pedestrians crossing on red by 81%.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces New Initiative to Enhance Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Department of Transportation, USA, 10/09/14

A large-scale, 18-month campaign to conduct road safety assessments in every US state, to identify improvements for cyclists and pedestrians, is announced.

New crossing system to help slow pedestrians
Invercargill, New Zealand, 04/08/14

Traffic lights that enable pedestrians to select longer crossing times when pressing the button are introduced.

Bus sensor technology trial
Transport for London, UK, 01/08/14

Sensors that detect nearby cyclists or pedestrians and alert the driver are to be trialled on four London buses.

Wi-Fi Honk intervenes before cars hit pedestrians
University of Missouri, USA, 14/07/14

An app that uses phone wifi signals to detect if a pedestrian is in the path of a vehicle, and sounds an alert from both the pedestrian's and driver's phone, is developed.

The Drive: An app designed to lead the blind safely
University of Minnesota Traffic Observatory, USA, 29/06/14

An app that uses Bluetooth signals to alert blind and partially sighted pedestrians to hazards such as construction sites is developed.

Intelligent robots save lives in DR Congo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 18/06/14

The first solar-powered traffic control in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been installed to protect children crossing the busiest roads in Kinshasa, DRC.

New York City Council passes Cooper's Law in push to eliminate traffic deaths
New York City Council, 30/05/14

Taxi drivers in New York City who kill or seriously injure pedestrians will have their licences suspended immediately, and revoked permanently if they are found to have broken traffic laws.

Smartphoning While Walking: App Says Look Up!
Softbank, Japan, 28/05/14

Japanese developer launches an app that detects when a phone is being carried at walking speed, freezes the screen and warns the pedestrian to look up to avoid traffic and obstacles.

Cyclist GPS data could help cities plan safer routes
Strava Metro, USA, 12/05/14

GPS data from a fitness app used by cyclists and runners is to be made available to town planners in several cities including London, UK, and Alpine Shire, Australia, to help plan safe walking and cycling routes.

‘Silver Zones’ to help keep elderly pedestrians safe
Land Transport Authority, Singapore, 12/03/14

Measures to protect elderly pedestrians, including clearer road markings and lifts to foot bridges, are introduced in five Singapore towns.

Smart pedestrian crossings for London
Transport for London, UK, 07/03/14

Intelligent crossings with cameras that detect the number of pedestrians waiting, and extend crossing times accordingly, are being trialled in London.

Safe to School, Safe to Home launches in China and Vietnam
Global Road Safety Partnership, China and Vietnam, 20/11/13

A comprehensive child pedestrian safety program, including low-cost engineering improvements, enforcement, and community education, has launched in China and Vietnam.

Mandela family to make roads safer for kids
Commission for Global Road Safety, Worldwide, 22/05/12

A global campaign calling for investment in safe footpaths, cycle-ways, street crossings and lower speed limits near schools, has been launched by the Mandela family.

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