Public transport

Using public transport is a safer alternative to driving, and benefits the environment by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. Use this page to access initiatives to promote greater public transport use.

Visit the research library for research on the benefits of public transport, and evidence for the efficacy of public transport initatives.

Scotland's low-carbon transport loan doubled
Transport Scotland, UK, 09/06/16

Scotland's low-carbon fund doubled to £7.8 million in a bid to engage businesses and encourage consumers to go green.

Mommy blogger raps about bus safety in ‘Bus Don’t Move’ parody video
ABC News, USA, 27/08/15

A rapping mum has released a music video encouraging drivers to take care around school buses.

How Nairobi got its ad-hoc bus system on Google maps
MIT, Columbia University, and the University of Nairobi, 26/08/15

The often-confusing routes of informal buses have been digitally mapped for the first time in Nairobi.

This mesmerizing map shows the world's buses and trains moving in real time
The Verge, 15/05/15

A global map of public transport, featuring data from over 200 data feeds, is launched by GeOps.

TTC union says pressure to stay on schedule jeopardizing road safety
Toronto, 21/1/15

The pressure on bus drivers in Toronto to stay on schedule jeopardises road safety, claims Toronto Transit Commission's union.

In D.C., buses will get priority with technology that holds lights at green
Washington DC, 25/11/14

Traffic lights will automatically turn green for buses in Washington DC.

DC Department of Transportation, Operation Lifesaver Launch Streetcar Safety Education Campaign
DC Department of Transportation, 29/09/14

A toolkit for schools on teaching kids and parents about safety around Washington DC’s new tram system, including lesson plans and activity sheets, is launched.

Bus sensor technology trial
Transport for London, UK, 01/08/14

Sensors that detect nearby cyclists or pedestrians and alert the driver are to be trialled on four London buses.

Local authorities to receive £64m funding boost for sustainable transport projects
Department for Transport, UK, 17/07/14

£64 million funding is to be shared between 44 sustainable transport schemes across the UK, including cycling infrastructure and bus safety projects.

Transport Scotland to fund community bus purchases
Transport Scotland, 10/07/14

£3 million in funding to improve local bus services across Scotland is announced.

Police push remote monitoring of buses in Myanmar
Myanmar traffic police, 27/06/14

Bus operators in Myanmar are to install speed and location monitoring technology.

Bucharest plans 100km of new bus lanes
Mayor of Bucharest, Romania, 20/05/14

100km (62 miles) of bus lanes are to be built in Bucharest, Romania, a dramatic increase on the current 12km (7.5 miles).

London buses to have sensors in bid to cut cyclist and pedestrian deaths
Transport for London, UK, 31/03/14

London buses are to trial optical and radar-based sensors to prevent collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

Bus turning alarms to improve pedestrian safety
TriMet bus company, USA, 01/11/13

Warning signs and alarms to alert pedestrians to buses turning into their paths are being fitted to buses in Portland, Oregon.

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