Criminal justice

Appropriate penalties for traffic offenders, particularly those who kill and injure, and those who commit the most safety-critical offences such as speeding, and drink and drug driving, are vital. Use this page to browse developments in criminal justice for road traffic offenders around the world.

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UK Ministry of Justice announces driver sentencing consultation
UK, 05/12/16

A consultation on whether the current maximum penalties for causing death by dangerous or careless driving should be increased, and whether there is a gap in the law relating to drivers causing serious injuries.

Major drink driving law change – Statutory Option to provide blood or urine sample abolished
UK, 15/04/15

The “statutory option”, in which people arrested for drink driving could insist on a blood or urine test, is removed in the UK.

Los Angeles taps social media to fight hit-and-run
Los Angeles, 21/01/15

Police are using city-wide social media alerts to catch hit-and-run drivers.

Police reveal tactics to calm Island’s roads
Bermuda, 21/01/15

Police are to use a system of “driver advice notices” as part of an effort to improve road safety enforcement in Bermuda.

Indian road safety bill proposes long jail terms, heavy fines for offenders
Road Transport and Highways Ministry, India, 13/09/14

Heavier penalties for dangerous drivers, including a minimum seven year jail sentence with up to 300,000 rupee fine (£3,000) for killing a child, are proposed.

Justice for victims of banned drivers
Ministry of Justice, UK, 06/05/14

UK drivers will face up to 10 years’ imprisonment for causing death while driving disqualified, and up to four for causing serious injury.

Hit-and-run roadside alerts become law in Colorado
Colorado Governor, USA, 25/03/14

A hit-and-run alert system that will notify the media and post bulletins on electronic road signs describing vehicles suspected of fleeing crash scenes is introduced in Colorado, USA.

Traffic courts to be introduced across England and Wales
Ministry of Justice, England and Wales, 17/05/13

Dedicated traffic courts are to be set up in every police area in England, to deal with minor traffic offences where the offender has admitted guilt.

Campaign for Presumed Liability
Cycle Safety, Scotland, 07/05/13

A campaign for Strict Liability in Scotland to make drivers liable in civil courts for all crashes involving cyclists has been launched.

Police pursuit legislation strengthened
Office of Road Safety, Australia, 12/12/12

Drivers who endanger lives while fleeing police will face higher fines and mandatory jail sentences in Australia.

Law toughens penalties for fatal distracted driving
New Jersey State Government, USA, 25/07/12

Drivers who cause fatal crashes while texting can be charged with vehicular homicide under legislation introduced in New Jersey.

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