Speed enforcement technology

It is essential that drivers’ speed is controlled to within speed limits, so that drivers abide by the law and do not endanger themselves or others. Use this page to access research on technological methods for enforcing speed limits, including speed cameras.

Heterogeneous treatment effects of speed cameras on road safety
Transportation Research Board, US, 11/01/2015

Speed cameras have a greater impact in reducing casualties if properly placed.

Intelligent speed assistance for serious speeders
Delft University of Technology, 11/07/2014

A trial of voluntary intelligent speed adaptation with Dutch speed offenders found it reduced speed during the trial but didn't improve long-term behaviour once the technology was removed.

Red light cameras have Phenix City residents hitting the brakes
Phenix City Police, 27/06/2014

Crashes dropped 36% at a signal-controlled junction in Phenix City, Alabama, in the year following installation of a red light camera.

Methods for reducing speeds on rural roads
Austroads, 08/03/2014

Vehicle-activated warning signs at rural junctions could reduce speeds on rural roads by 5km/h (3mph) and crashes by 70%.

Automated enforcement locations in the District of Columbia
District of Columbia Department of Transportation, 04/02/2014

Injury crashes at 295 speed camera sites in the District of Columbia, USA, dropped 20% in the year following camera installation.

Fatal and serious collisions dropped by 27% near 551 fixed speed cameras across England
RAC Foundation, 07/06/2013

Fatal and serious collisions dropped by 27% near 551 fixed speed cameras across England following their installation.

Red light violations in New Jersey reduced following introduction of safety cameras
American Traffic Solutions, 03/04/2013

Red light violations in New Jersey dropped 44% since the installation of 168 red-light safety cameras at 51 intersections in February 2010.

Low-level speeding accounts for 46% of fatal crashes on rural roads in France
University of Lyon, 01/03/2013

Enforcement should target speeding up to only 10km/h (6.2mph) over the limit on rural roads as this accounts for 46% of fatal speeding crashes on these roads in France.

Electronic signs displaying driver speed can help reduce speeds over a short distance
Morgan State University, 28/09/2012

Electronic signs which report drivers’ speed can help reduce speeds over a short distance but lose effectiveness over time.

Key Scottish speed camera statistics 2009-12
Scottish Government, 08/08/2012

Deaths and serious injuries at speed camera sites in Scotland dropped by 68% since their introduction.

Analysis of infringement data from fixed red light and speed cameras in South Australia
South Australia Centre for Automotive Safety Research, 05/07/2012

Fixed red light and speed cameras lead to a long term improvement in driver behaviour.

Effectiveness of safety cameras at intersections
Monash University Accident Research Centre, 14/02/2012

Safety cameras at intersections reduce casualty crashes in their immediate vicinity by up to 47%.

Key Scottish safety camera programme statistics 2010
The Scottish Government, 26/07/2011

Fixed speed cameras in Scotland have reduced deaths and injuries by 63% and total crashes that result in injury by 47%.

Evaluation of the photo enforcement safety program of the city of Winnipeg
Traffic Injury Research Foundation, 05/07/2011

Right angle crashes at intersections reduced by 46% after camera installation in Winnipeg.

Casualty crash reductions from reducing various levels of speeding
Centre for Automotive Safety Research, 28/02/2011

Targeting low-level speeding through effective driver education and enforcement will save more lives than focusing on speeding over 15 km/h.

The effectiveness of speed cameras: A review of evidence
RAC Foundation, 28/01/2011

UK speed cameras demonstrate value for money, are proven to save lives and have wide-scale public support.

Speed cameras for the prevention of road traffic injuries and deaths
University of Queensland, 08/10/2010

Speed cameras achieve an 11 - 44% reduction in death and serious injury crashes.

Speeding increased in Oxfordshire after camera switch-off
Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership, 16/08/2010

Speeding at disabled camera sites in Oxfordshire, UK, nearly doubled after they were switched off for political reasons.

Camera site report 2009
Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership, UK, 23/10/2009

Speed cameras result in lower collision rates when compared with roads without cameras.

Fact Sheet on speed cameras
European Transport Safety Council, 01/10/2009

Useful fact sheet explaining effectiveness of cameras and developments in camera design.

The road safety implications of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology
Queensland University of Technology, 02/04/2008

Trials suggested automatic number-plate recognition can enhance detection rates for a range of criminal and traffic offences, compared to traditional policing methods.

Policing road risk: Enforcement, technologies and road safety
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, 01/01/2006

The report reviews: policing levels, Automatic Number-Plate Recognition; speed and red-light cameras, CCTV and OEvideo cars; drug-, alcohol- and fatigue-testing devices.

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