Public transport

Using public transport is a safer alternative to driving, and benefits the environment by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. Use this page to access research on the benefits of public transport and ways to promote greater public transport use.

The impact of real-time information on bus ridership in New York City
City College of New York, 4/3/15

Introducing real-time information increases passenger numbers on buses in New York.

Buses in crisis: A report on bus funding across England and Wales 2010 - 2015
Campaign for Better Transport, 2015

Since 2010, local authority spending on bus services in the UK has been cut by 15%, with 2,000 routes cut.

Evaluation of fatal school bus related crashes and near-term crash mitigation strategies
Leidos, USA, 15/01/15

Crashes involving school buses kill 140 school-age children a year in the US, and have not declined in the past decade.

Working Conditions of Microbus Drivers in Mexico City as a Risk Factor in Road Safety
Autonomous University of Mexico City, 27/12/14

The working conditions of microbus drivers in Mexico City affects their safety, with those working long hours more likely to be involved in a collision.

Active commuting improves wellbeing
University of East Anglia, 15/09/14

People who commute by walking, cycling or public transport have better concentration and are less stressed than car commuters.

Europeans' satisfaction with urban transport
European Commission, 12/06/14

Seven in ten EU citizens (69%) are satisfied with urban public transport, but only 32% use it at least once a week.

Assessing Demand for An Automated Community Shuttle Service
University of Michigan, 28/02/14

Introducing a shuttle bus and cycle lanes to train and bus stations could reduce car use in Chicago by up to 53%.

IRF Policy Statement Environment
International Road Federation, 28/01/11

Effective public transport and increases in take up of eco-driving are vital for tackling the environmental challenges associated with the transport industry.

Public attitudes towards climate change and the impact of transport
UK Department for Transport, 28/01/11

Nearly one in two drivers are willing to use public transport more often and over half are willing to walk in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Smarter Moves report
The Sustainable Development Commission, UK, 27/01/10

Home working, car sharing, and speed reduction measures such as Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) are recommended in this report.

Beyond transport policy - exploring and managing the external drivers of transport demand
European Environment Agency and TRL, 12/01/09

Examines motivations for people’s travel decisions and how these choices can be affected through government planning.

Simulator performance differences between experienced and novice bus drivers
Cranfield University and Arriva Plc, 01/06/06

Novice bus drivers pose a hazard to pedestrians because they are more likely to drive closer to the kerb when approaching bus stops than experienced drivers, which could cause them to mount the kerb or reduce reaction times to kerbside hazards.


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