Cycle helmets

Cycle helmets significantly reduce the risk of serious head injury in a crash. Use this page to access research on the efficacy of cycle helmets, as well as new developments in cycle helmet design and technology.

Bicycle helmets are highly effective at preventing head injury during head impact
University of British Columbia, 28/03/14

The probability of severe brain injury in an impact to the head at 4.5m/s (12mph) reduces from 99.9% without a cycle helmet to 9.3% with a helmet.

Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of cyclist head and neck injury
University of Nottingham, 06/08/13

Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of cyclist head and neck injury, even if cyclists increase speed due to feeling safer.

Child head injuries dropped after compulsory cycle helmets were introduced for under-18s
Semnan University of Medical Sciences, 26/07/13

Child cyclist head injuries dropped significantly compared to pedestrian head injuries, after cycle helmets became compulsory for under-18s in Alberta, Canada.

Cyclists who wear helmets take fewer risks and suffer less severe head injuries in crashes
University of New South Wales, 01/04/13

Cyclists who wear helmets are less likely to take risks and suffer less severe head injuries in collisions with motor vehicles.

Bicyclist fatalities involving heavy goods vehicles
London South Bank University, 19/09/12

Female cyclists are more likely than male cyclists to be in a crash with an HGV because fewer understand the risks of undertaking.

Bicycle Helmet Research
CARSS-Q, 25/06/12

Bicycle helmet wearing rates are halving the number of head injuries experienced by Queensland cyclists.

The potential for cycle helmets to prevent injury
TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), UK, 21/09/11

Up to 16% of cyclist deaths on roads could be prevented if cyclists wear a appropriate helmet.

Injury patterns in cyclists attending an accident and emergency department
University of Cambridge, 21/09/11

The findings suggest an increased risk of sustaining head injury in a bicycle crash when a motor vehicle is involved and confirm protective effect of helmet wearing for any bicycle crash.

Green Light for Bike Helmets
The University of New South Wales, 23/06/11

A 29% decline in bicycle-related head injuries is attributable to mandatory laws on helmet use in New South Wales.

Safety helmet law protects cyclists
New South Wales Injury Risk Management Research Centre, 20/06/11

Compulsory bicycle helmet legislation causes a significant decrease in cyclist head injuries.

The impact of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries
University of New South Wales, 22/05/11

Cycle helmet laws in New South Wales reduced the ratio of cyclist head injuries to limb injuries proving its positive impact on injury levels unrelated to exposure variables.

Helmet that "mimics the scalp" could be a year away
The Independent, 14/02/10

A cycle helmet that mimics the scalp could provide 60% more protection against brain injury and be available in a year.

The potential for cycle helmets to prevent injury - A review of the evidence
Transport Research Laboratory, 15/12/09

In the event of an on-road crash, cycle helmets would be expected to be effective in a range of real-world crash conditions, particularly the most common crashes that do not involve a collision.

Seatbelt and helmet depiction on the big screen blockbuster : injury prevention messages
The University of Michigan Health System’s Department of Neurosurgery, USA, 08/04/09

Characters in blockbuster films are not good role models as they fail to use cycle helmets (or seat belts).

Trends in serious head injuries among cyclists in England
Imperial College School of Medicine, 17/07/00

Our findings indicate that cycle helmets are of benefit both to children and contrary to popular belief, adults. The reason that people most frequently cite for not cycling is risk of injury.

Cycle helmets and the prevention of injuries: recommendations for competitive sport
University of Washington, 01/04/98

Helmet use reduces the risk of head injury by 85%, brain injury by 88% and severe brain injury by at least 75%.

Effectiveness of bicycle helmets in preventing head injury in children: case-control study
Queensland Institute of Medical Research, 28/09/93

The risk of head injury in bicycle crashes is reduced among children wearing a helmet. Legislation enforcing helmet use among children should be considered.


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