Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable in collisions, lacking the crash protection features of a four-wheeled vehicle. Use this page to access research on the safety of motorcyclists.

Rural-urban disparity in knowledge and compliance with traffic signs among young commercial motorcyclists in selected local government areas in Oyo State, Nigeria
University of Ibadan/University College Hospital, Nigeria, 21/01/16

Motorcyclists in rural areas of Nigeria are more likely to have poor knowledge of traffic signs and to disobey them than urban riders.

A smart vehicle that saves lives
Ceit-IK4, 12/01/16

A system that allows the motorbike itself to call emergency services in the event of a crash is being developed, in a project led by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Transport, Lower Saxony.

The scourge of head injury among commercial motorcycle riders in Kampala; a preventable clinical and public health menace
Department of Surgery, Makerere University College of Health Sciences, September 2015

In Uganda, use of protective gear is low among commercial motorcyclists, and there is a high occurrence of head injury, finds the Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University.

Motorcycle safety among motorcycle taxi drivers and non-occupational motorcyclists in developing countries: A case study of Maoming, South China
University of Hong Kong, 01/05/15

Both professional and non-professional motorcyclists in Maoming, China take significant risks, particularly if they do not have a valid licence.

Examining the effect of visual treatments on truck drivers’ time-to-arrival judgments of motorcycles at T-intersections
Universiti Putra Malaysia, 24/07/15

Truck drivers are more likely to correctly judge the time it will take a motorcycle to reach a junction if the rider is wearing a white rather than dark helmet.

Correlates and Barriers associated with Motorcycle Helmet use in Wa, Ghana
University for Development Studies Wa, Ghana, 20/03/2015

Only 48% of sampled motorcyclists in Wa, Ghana, were wearing a helmet, but stronger enforcement of helmet laws may improve this.

Realising the Motorcycling Opportunity
Motorcycle Industry Association and Association of Chief Police Officers, 05/01/2015

If drivers started their driving careers on motorbikes, they would be more aware of vulnerable road users.

Socio-economic determinants of helmet-wearing behaviour in Pune city, India
Hooman Research Collaborators Institute, Tehran, 10/10/2014

The decision to wear a motorbike helmet in Pune, India, depends more on neighbourhood norms and family behaviour than socioeconomic background and education.

Road Traffic Injury on Rural Roads in Tanzania: A study to determine the causes and circumstances of motorcycle crashes on low-volume rural roads
Amend, 25/09/2014

Motorcycle crashes on rural roads in Tanzania could be reduced through better road design and programmes to improve rider behaviour.

Powered two-wheeler drivers' risk of hitting a pedestrian in towns
IFSTTAR, 08/08/2014

: Per distance travelled, powered two-wheel vehicles are more than three times more likely to hit and injure pedestrians on urban roads than four-wheeled vehicles.

Relaxing motorcycle helmet laws in Michigan led to more severe injuries
Highway Loss Data Institute, 30/05/13

Removing mandatory helmet requirements for most motorcyclists in Michigan led to more severe injuries and a 22% rise in the average insurance payment on injury claims.

Motorcycle Protective Clothing: Protection from injury or just the weather?
The George Institute for Global Health, 14/05/11

Protective motorcycle clothing reduced crash injury risk and severity.

The Effect of the 1997 Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law on Motorcycle Crash Fatalities
University of Arkansas, 01/01/10

The repeal of the universal helmet law in Texas 1997, has had a significant adverse effect on motorcyclist fatalities in Texas.

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