Use this page to access research on planning, carrying out and evaluating effective education programs on key road safety issues.

Relationships amongst psychological determinants, risk behaviour, and road crashes of young adolescent pedestrians and cyclists: Implications for road safety education programmes
SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, the Netherlands, 03/03/15
The validity of the assumptions underlying many road safety education programmes for young people is established.

Risky Behaviors and Stress Indicators between Novice and Experienced Drivers
University of Valencia, Spain, 03/03/15
Education for drivers of all ages must take into account issues surrounding mental health and stress.

Improving drivers’ knowledge of road rules using digital games
La Trobe University, 19/12/13
Computer games are an effective way for drivers to learn and retain information about road rules longer-term.

Evaluation of short cycling courses for children
Ghent University, 26/07/13
Short courses in basic cycling skills in traffic-free environments are effective in teaching children the basics of safe cycling.

Why your brain craves infographics
Neomam Studios, 12/06/13
Infographics are effective because visually-presented information is more engaging, more persuasive and easier to understand.

Road safety awareness education for children age 10-13 does not enable safer road use
SWOV, 31/05/13
Road safety awareness education for children age 10-13 does not enable safer road use as they lack the necessary skills to manage complex traffic situations safely.

Cycle Training in Primary Schools Research
Transport Scotland, 01/08/12
On-road cycling training is more effective than playground or classroom based cycle training, finds Transport Scotland.

Building on success: improving the delivery of road safety education, training
Department for Transport, UK, 21/09/11
There is variability in local government funding for road safety education and secondary schools are likely to perceive road safety education as a lower priority than other safety teaching.

Car Drivers’ Attitudes and Visual Skills in Relation to Motorcyclists
Department for Transport, 11/02/11
Car drivers' negative attitudes towards motorcyclists in the UK can be improved through experiencing the motorcyclist's perspective.

Adolescents and Driving: Position Paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine
Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, 30/07/10
US health care providers should advise children and adolescents on road safety.

Do as I say, not as I do: Family influences on children’s safety and risk behaviors
Department of Psychology, University of Guelph, Canada, 28/02/09
Children aged 7 to 12 will often do what their parents tell them to do, but plan to behave less well when they are adults if they perceive their parents behaving less well.

Child-Parent Interaction in road safety education
Department for Transport, UK, 29/12/08
Children need to learn at an early age that injury and death is the consequence of using roads unsafely. The research has led to the creation of the Tales of the Road website which shows cartoons of injured children.

Pre-driving adolescent attitudes: Can they change?
Heriot-Watt University, 26/08/08
Adolescent attitudes and intentions towards driving remain fluid and can be positively influenced, even if only temporarily.

Road Safety Research Report No.86. Feeling safe, itching to drive
Department for Transport, UK, 01/05/08
Focuses on understanding pre-drivers’ and learners’ definitions of good driving and their expectations and/or experiences of the learning process.

Pre-driver Education: A Critical Review of the Literature
Department for Transport, UK, 01/03/07
Teenage road safety education aimed at changing attitudes is more successful when they include active participation and discussion, the use of personal experiences and reflective thinking.


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