Use this page to access research on planning, carrying out and evaluating effective publicity campaigns to raise awareness about key road safety issues. 

Anti-texting adverts should focus on death and dying
Washington State University, 12/09/13

Adverts with strong emotional references to death and dying are effective in convincing young drivers not to text and drive.

Road safety adverts that use humour could be more persuasive than fear-based approaches
Queensland University of Technology, 20/08/13

Road safety advertisements that use humour are more likely to be talked about and could be more persuasive than fear-based approaches.

‘Shockvertising’: An exploratory investigation into attitudinal variations and emotional reactions to shock advertising
Bangor University, 21/03/13

Adverts that use shock tactics such as graphic imagery are effective in capturing attention, and are considered more acceptable from non-profit than for-profit organisations.

Lighter later campaign wins favour with UK public
Brake and Autoglass, 27/10/11

67% of people in the UK believe that putting the clocks forward by one hour all year round would make roads safer, according to this survey.

Best practice in OHSW mass media campaigns
Centre for Automative Safety Research, 02/08/11

Mass media campaigns are better at raising awareness than changing behaviour.

Meta-analysis of the effect of road safety campaigns on accidents
The Institute of Transport Economics, 21/03/11

Road Safety Campaigns are more effective at reducing crashes if they last for less than one month and are accompanied by enforcement.

Effects of high-profile collisions on penalties and alcohol-related crashes in Japan
St. Marianna University School of Medicine, 14/02/11

Japanese high profile media coverage led to a reduction in drink drive crashes prior to increased penalties.

A study on the effects of seat belt posters on drivers
Kirikkale University, 11/02/11

Road safety campaigns which use ethical statements to positively reinforce their educational messages are more effective at producing compliance.

The influence of fatalistic beliefs on risky road use behavior in developing countries
Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety, 10/11/10

Many people in developing countries see fate as the reason for road crashes causing them to take risks and neglect safety measures.

Do perceptions of effective distractive driving public service announcements differ
Florida College of Medicine, 10/11/10

Media road safety campaigns aimed at young drivers should include teen consultation in order to maximise their effectiveness.

Automatically Activated Attitudes as Mechanisms for Message Effects
The Ohio State University, 22/10/10

Alcohol advertisements can increase willingness to drink drive through increasing positive attitudes towards alcohol.

Perceptions and realties
The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, 24/09/10

Child road deaths should receive the same publicity as child abuse, assault and homicide to raise awareness of casualty levels.

Best practice in road safety mass media campaigns: A literature review
Centre for Automotive Safety Research, 14/04/10

Road safety media campaigns should be designed around psychological theories and evaluated by studying behavioural change.

The effectiveness of safety campaign VMS messages
ITS Leeds University, 02/04/10

Safety campaign messages are most effective when they are replayed on a regular basis.

Impact of a direct mail safety campaign for motorcyclists
University of New South Wales, 01/11/08

A direct mail out strategy can be an acceptable and effective means of communicating safety information to riders, but other approaches targeting age-relevant motivational factors can also be used.

The influence of local politicians on pedestrian safety
University of Wales Swansea, 22/06/06

Senior level politicians are effective advocates for enhancing safety in their constituency areas.


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