Manoeuvring technology

Vehicle manoeuvres, such as reversing and changing lanes, can pose a threat to other road users who may be missed in the vehicle's blind spot. Vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians are at particularly high risk. Use this page to access research on vehicle technology that can minimise this risk.

Visibility of children behind 2010–2013 model year passenger vehicles using glances, mirrors, and backup cameras and parking sensors
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 22/01/14

Reversing cameras and parking sensors reduce the rear blind spot on cars by 90% and could prevent injuries to children behind vehicles.

Silent but dangerous: when absence of noise of cars is a factor of risk for pedestrians
ANEC - the European consumer voice in standardisation, 10/11/10

Lack of engine noise in hybrid and electric cars is a danger to pedestrians and cyclists that needs considering.

Lane change behaviour with a side blind zone alert system
Viginia Tech Transportation Institute, 08/10/07

Drivers fail to execute “over the shoulder” (blind zone) glances for 68% and 85% of the left and right lane changes, respectively.

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