Crash protection systems

Vehicle safety technology features can have a significant impact on safety by helping drivers avoid crashes, and protecting occupants and other road users in crashes. Use this page to access research on the latest developments in crash protection systems and their efficacy.

Brake fleet survey report 2015 pt. 1 Technology
Brake, 18/5/15

A survey of the technology in fleets highlights how technologies are not in place to protect vulnerable road users.

Direct Vision lorries would save hundreds of lives
Loughborough Design School, 23/09/14

A lorry cab with a rounded nose, smaller dashboard, larger windows, and a lower driver position, would reduce driver blind spots by 50% to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

Updated Estimates of Fatality Reduction by Curtain and Side Air Bags in Side Impacts and Preliminary Analyses of Rollover Curtains
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 31/01/14

Side curtain airbags that deploy if the vehicle rolls over could reduce front-seat occupant deaths in rollover crashes by 41%

Access to safer vehicle technologies by young drivers
Centre for Automotive Safety Research, 31/07/13

Education on vehicle safety and rapid roll-out of new safety technologies by vehicle manufacturers would encourage younger drivers to purchase safer vehicles.

Effects of vehicle impact velocity, vehicle front-end shapes on pedestrian injury risk
Xiamen University of Technology, 19/09/12

Cars with a short front-end and a wide windshield are less likely to kill pedestrians in a crash.

Head and torso-protecting airbags reduce odds of death/injury in nearside crashes by 51%
Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, 31/07/12

Head and torso-protecting dual side airbag systems reduce the odds of death or injury to vehicle occupants in near side crashes by 51%.

Protection against head injuries should not be optional
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, 22/10/10

Side-impact air bags significantly improve front and rear vehicle occupant safety in side-impact crash tests.

Electric vehicles: Charged with potential
The Royal Academy of Engineering, 05/05/10

The UK government must have policies for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles to ensure they reach mass market.

Supplemental Restraint System
Toyota Motor Corporation, 11/03/09

A rear-seat centre airbag called the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) from Toyota hopes to reduce the severity of injuries to rear-seat passengers in side-on collisions.

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