The benefits of sustainable travel

Wednesday 17 October 2018, online, 2pm-3.30pm Western European Summer Time (GMT+1)

By choosing sustainable travel as much as possible, we can help to reduce the health, environmental and economic costs of using motor vehicles, while also improving road safety. If we reduce our vehicle miles it can help bring about fewer road casualties, less congestion, pollution and noise, and more pleasant, sociable communities.

This webinar will explore some of the different travel options available to individuals and fleet managers and the potential benefits of introducing them. We’ll cover how data and advanced analytics can enable sustainable choices that are not only eco-friendly but personalised, convenient and cost effective as well. We’ll consider key industry trends – including ultra-low-emission vehicles and shared mobility – and show how individuals and fleets can benefit from making their travel sustainable for the foreseeable future.

Who should attend? Representatives of any organisation that employs at-work drivers, including fleet managers, health and safety managers, fleet suppliers, insurers, fleet risk management, driver training providers, carsharing and ridesharing operators, car manufacturers.

This webinar is free to attend. To register, complete our online form.

To clarify, the time of the webinar is in Western European Summer Time, or GMT +1. For attendees outside of this time zone, please take this into consideration when planning into your calendar.

For example, for attendees in the UK, the start time will be 2pm while attendees in the GMT +2 time zone will have a start time of 3pm.

This webinar is kindly supported by Octo Telematics.

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